A New Era in Climate Communications is a collaborative effort spanning more than 60 contributors and organizations, developed over the course of eight months and thousands of hours. Developed by the New Zero World in partnership and with the support of The Global Commons Alliance. The goal of the White Paper “A New Era in Climate Communications” is to propose a novel strategy for effective climate change communications across institutions and sectors.

At the heart of this effort will be the Earth Public Information Collaborative (EPIC), a global media and communications coalition to support direct public engagement in tackling the planetary emergency.  EPIC mobilizes a global coalition to engage the public at unprecedented scale with public service campaigns, accurate science and reporting, and easily accessed resources for public action/solutions to protect people and the planet. It is the first big step into a new era in climate communications

With this work, we want to lay the foundation for a transformed future through the power of communication and creativity. We are developing a radically new approach which brings together science and creativity to reimagine and rework how we communicate about the climate crisis — the biggest challenge and opportunity facing humanity today.

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Our core team

Natalia Vega

Founder, Executive Director, New Zero World

Tim Kelly

Executive Director HQ, Global Commons Alliance

Tim Kelly is Executive Director of Earth HQ, the media arm of the Global Commons Alliance, an unprecedented partnership of more than 50 of the world’s most forward-looking organizations in philanthropy, science, business and advocacy. Their goal is to create the most powerful network to scale science-based action to protect people and planet. Previously, Tim was a media executive, Emmy Award-winning film producer, and former President of the National Geographic Society.

Lindsay Crowder

Campaign Director

Lindsay brings experience leading local to global campaign offices, developing field campaigns and programs for organizations, and providing strategic planning and anti-oppression practices across movements. Her work is grounded in building community and transformational change and she’s committed to building capacity directly for communities carving towards a more just future. Lindsay is rooted in Detroit, MI and is inspired by her home base as a space for movement building and social change.

Mike Fleisch

Strategic Design

Mike Fleisch, a Global Commons Alliance co-founder and Earth HQ team member, as well as The Value Web and dpict. He has spent 20+ years as a design strategist and systems facilitator. He works globally on sustainable systems, including collaborations with the Kauffman Foundation and National Science Foundation. He's co-authored video game papers, served on boards, patented modular environments, keynoted leading design museums, and founded an art and assembly space in Cincinnati.

Jessica Kleczka

Director of Research and Development

Jessica is a climate psychologist and the lead researcher of "A New Era In Climate Communications." She has worked with organizations around the world researching and advising on effective climate communication. Her internationally acclaimed research included how climate change affects young people's mental health, and effective community engagement. She previously worked in climate policy and is active as a campaigner advocating for a rapid and just phase-out from fossil fuels

Samuel Rubin

Impact & Partnerships Lead

Samuel Rubin is a versatile professional engaged in social impact strategy, film production, climate communication, and grassroots activism. He co-founded initiatives like the Hollywood Climate Summit and YEA! Impact, contributing to positive change in the entertainment industry. Currently, he leads Impact & Partnerships at New Zero World and he advises the UNFCCC on the development of its Entertainment and Culture for Climate Action (ECCA) sectoral initiative.

Ross Findon

Circular Economy and Sustainability Communications Consultant

Ross Findon is a circular economy and sustainability communications specialist, who works with global businesses and NGOs. A former journalist and chief communications officer, his work focuses on driving engagement and action at every level.

EJ Baker

Design & Technical Lead

EJ is a visual designer and communicator focused on creating beauty and clarity in service of liberatory futures. They are co-founder of Maybe Ventures, a creative collective that builds brands and strategies for culture-shifting organizations. Previously, they spent five years at IDEO, telling stories and inspiring empathy for organizations ranging from nonprofit startups to governments to Fortune 50 companies.

José Chen

Research Coordinator

José Chen is a PhD Candidate at the National School of Public Health, NOVA University of Lisbon, and a Medical Resident in Public Health. He develops research on sustainability of health care systems, environmental and occupational health, health inequalities, and human resources in health. Currently, he is part of the Scientific Commission of the Portuguese Council for Health and Environment. An advocate for data-driven and evidence-based solutions, he believes in the potential of collaborative and interdisciplinary work in addressing current global threats.

Lynna Gonzalez

Office Manager

Lynna Gonzalez is a dedicated climate communication professional with a personal mission. She manages diverse tasks, enabling her team to focus on urgent climate action communication. Her career combines organizational skills with a passion for positive impact. She's excited to contribute to a more sustainable world and align her career with her values

Mohammad Shaan

Graphic Designer

Transitioning from software engineering to freelance graphic design, I blend technical expertise with creative ingenuity. With 100+ clients worldwide, I create captivating stories through branding, illustration, and UI design. Each project is a chance to push boundaries, shaping the digital realm. From unique identities to user-friendly interfaces, I aim to surpass expectations, infusing innovation and passion into every detail.

Bella Lack

Project Coordinator

Bella Lack is a conservationist and environmental activist. She is an ambassador for the Born Free Foundation, STAE, RSPCA and the Jane Goodall Institute. Currently, she supports New Zero World as a Project Coordinator.

Salma Ezz

Digital Communications Coordinator

Salma's a 20-year-old college student based in Cairo, Egypt. She's a third-year Communication student at Cairo University, specializing in Public Relations & Advertising. She was part of the COP27 Youth Taskforce and is a volunteer & member of organizations like ClimaTalk, Re-Earth Initiative & the Global Youth Coalition. She's also a member of  "Egyptian Youth For Climate Committee". She's passionate about breaking barriers and raising awareness about the climate crisis.