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Download our landmark white paper A New Era in Climate Communications and unlock insights from more than 40 contributing organizations and 60 experts from across industries including advertising, marketing, and communications, as well as the creative and climate science communities. Designed as a key resource for all those who share our vision for a world in which everyone is inspired to play their part in the climate solution, understands what they can do, and has the opportunity to do it.
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Global Warming’s Six Americas
The Yale Program on Climate Change Communication has identified six unique audiences within the American public that each responds to the issue in their own distinct way; the Alarmed, Concerned, Cautios, Disengaged, Doubtful and Dismissive. Want to know which of the Six Americas you are in? Take Yale's short quiz now!
HERO is the first subscription service of its kind, empowering citizens to directly fund verified climate campaigners of their choice. This support ensures a monthly stable income for campaigners, so that they can accelerate climate policies worldwide. Subscribe for just €6 a month and get exclusive Q&As, behind the scenes content on campaigns, recognition in policy wins and bi-monthly action reports. Join HERO in changing the way the work of campaigners is valued and how citizens engage in climate action.
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Good Energy Playbook
Our groundbreaking resource is a climate storytelling playbook for screenwriters. Created by writers, for writers, this expert-informed guide supports screenwriters in telling urgent, nuanced, and engaging climate stories that go beyond stereotypes, to entertain audiences and create unmissable content.
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Nature Positive Initiative
27 of the world’s largest nature conservation organizations, institutes, business and finance coalitions came together together to launch a new initiative aimed at driving alignment around the definition, integrity and use of the term ‘nature positive’ and supporting broader, longer-term efforts to deliver nature-positive outcomes.
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IPCC’s 6th Assessment Report
Thorough evaluation of our planet's climate system, encompassing key insights into climate change causes, impacts, and potential solutions. It serves as a vital tool for informing climate policy and driving global action.
ActNow is the United Nations' campaign to inspire people to act for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The SDGs spell out how we can protect our environment and slow climate change, from forests to oceans to everywhere in between. Think about your electricity use and your travel. Check your dinner table. Reuse whatever you can. Every one of us can make choices to help take care of our planet. The possibilities for action are many – and add up fast!
Entertainment and Culture for Climate Action
The UNFCCC is mobilizing the creative industries to accelerate climate action in our sector and beyond. ECCA is part of the Marrakech Partnership for Global Climate Action, a framework to support implementation of the Paris Agreement by non-State actors and advance ambition by strengthening collaboration between governments and key stakeholders, under the leadership of the High-Level Champions.