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A New Era in Climate Communications
A New Era in Climate Communications is a collaborative effort spanning +60 contributors and organizations developed by the New Zero World in partnership and with the support of the Global Commons Alliance. With this work, we want to lay the foundation for a transformed future through the power of communication and creativity. We are developing a radically new approach which brings together science and creativity to reimagine and rework how we communicate about the climate crisis—the biggest challenge and opportunity facing humanity today.
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topics covered in the whitepaper
It’s Not Just Climate Change
The climate crisis is an all-encompassing threat affecting our health, economies, social justice, cultures, nature and other systems. We need to zoom out and acknowledge the complexity of this challenge, as well as its opportunities.
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How We Got Here
From fossil-fuelled misinformation to corporate greenwashing, we analyse the history and motives of those opposing climate action.
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The Current State Of Climate Communication
The climate crisis is not just one of communication, but also a crisis of imagination. We explore how our response to climate change is limited, and the need for new narratives.
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Our Brain And Climate Change
The climate crisis is not an abstract environmental issue, but a deeply personal one. To effectively address it, we must address how our minds process and understand it.
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Crafting New Climate Change Narratives
Narratives are the essence of human communication. We need to harness the power of creativity to recreate them.
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Transforming Climate Communications
Effective climate communication requires more than facts and figures. We need new and engaging stories that resonate with diverse audiences.
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Supercharging Climate Action Through Creativity
Creative industries are at the forefront of driving change. We need to use their superpowers to transform the climate story.
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The Rise Of Active Citizens
We are part of a global evolving community, driven by the work of advocates, change makers and young activists. Building a better future is down to all of us.
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A New Era In Climate Communications
We are laying the foundation for a transformed future. And it all starts with the way we communicate.
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Looking Ahead
Global issues require global solutions. Here is ours. Here is EPIC.
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“It’s not climate change—it’s everything change.”


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Ann-Christine Duhaime
Harvard Medical School
Isaias Hernandez
Queer Brown Vegan
João Talocchi
Karen Land Short
Accenture Song
Kwame Taylor-Hayford
Laura McGorman
Margaret Klein Salamon
Climate Emergency Fund
Rajiv Shah
The Rockefeller Foundation
Simon Cook
Cannes Lions
Simon Mulcahy
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“To inspire people, we need to tell a story not of sacrifice and deprivation but of opportunity and improvement in our lives, our health and our well-being—a story of humans flourishing in a post-fossil-fuel age.”

Susan Joy HassoL
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Download Our White Paper
Download our landmark white paper A New Era in Climate Communications and unlock insights from more than 40 contributing organizations and 60 experts from across industries including advertising, marketing, and communications, as well as the creative and climate science communities. Designed as a key resource for all those who share our vision for a world in which everyone is inspired to play their part in the climate solution, understands what they can do, and has the opportunity to do it.
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Global Warming’s Six Americas
The Yale Program on Climate Change Communication has identified six unique audiences within the American public that each responds to the issue in their own distinct way; the Alarmed, Concerned, Cautios, Disengaged, Doubtful and Dismissive. Want to know which of the Six Americas you are in? Take Yale's short quiz now!
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Good Energy Playbook
Our groundbreaking resource is a climate storytelling playbook for screenwriters. Created by writers, for writers, this expert-informed guide supports screenwriters in telling urgent, nuanced, and engaging climate stories that go beyond stereotypes, to entertain audiences and create unmissable content.
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