A note from Adam McKay

Yes, it’s carbon pollution that is cooking our planet — causing immense human suffering, escalating worldwide chaos, and increasingly dire pleas from scientists.

But the biggest obstacle to solving this problem isn’t the science. It’s the BS oil companies have blasted us with for decades to create confusion and delay.

We’re launching Yellow Dot to combat, correct, and challenge decades of disinformation pushed by oil companies, and amplified by the politicians in their pocket and the large swaths of the media the polluters hold sway over.

We aim to take the constant sales pitches and distorted realities that bombard most of us on a daily basis, shred them, and use the remains to tell a new story based on science and reality. And yes that last sentence was sponsored by American Express.

We’ll use creativity, humor, and the vast well of artistic talent around us, to empower more people to be part of a bullshit-free conversation about what we’re facing and what we can do about it.

Urgency, scale, and clarity are words we like. We also like the word “corduroy” but that is not relevant to this subject.

We exist to cause trouble. Silly trouble, angry trouble, the kind of “trouble” that isn’t trouble at all, but is only labeled trouble by people who profit from you not making any of it.

Yellow Dot is the sun, which is a part of the problem thanks to the heat-trapping pollution from burning fossil fuels… and also a major part of the solution.

It is a yellow light about to turn red.

We are here to make life healthier and safer for people, and to serve all who support that goal, including organizations, scientists, and activists all over the planet.

Do you need something? A video, a documentary team, graphics, billboards, a foot rub? Just ask.

We are non-profit. We accept donations.

The oil companies have more money than God. Really. We saw God’s portfolio. It’s mostly bonds and GE stock.

We also welcome your ideas and thoughts. You can send them here.

Welcome to Yellow Dot. Let’s get to work before it turns red.

— Adam McKay