NEW FOR 2024: 'A New Era in Climate Communications' - downloadable edition

We are delighted to announce that our landmark white paper A New Era in Climate Communications is available to download for the first time.

Supported by more than 40 contributing organizations and 60 experts from across industries including advertising, marketing, and communications, as well as the creative and climate science communities, this paper has been designed as a key resource for all those who share our vision for a world in which everyone is inspired to play their part in the climate solution, understands what they can do, and has the opportunity to do it.

“We live in an age where each of us is bombarded by messages every day, yet the most important ones are the ones that seem to struggle the most to get through. By bringing together insights from so many incredible contributors, we hope the downloadable addition of A New Era in Climate Communications will help to not only show the world why we need to rethink the way we communicate about climate change, but provide many of the tools for us to do it.” said New Zero World founder Natalia Vega.

The timing of the downloadable edition, updated for 2024, is significant. More than half of the world’s population live in countries due to elect new leaders this year, while at the same time the threats of misinformation, disinformation and polarization – fueled by advances in AI – have the potential to undermine our ability to address the climate crisis relies on how well we can drive trust and engagement in climate solutions.

The white paper is structured around key themes that are crucial for effective climate communication:

Re: focus | Understanding the interconnectedness of climate change with social justice and economic stability.

Re: wind | Addressing the history of misinformation and greenwashing that has hindered progress.

Re: think | Crafting narratives that resonate with people's lived experiences.

Re: wire | Leveraging insights from psychology and neuroscience to create impactful campaigns.

Re: design | Moving away from doom narratives and equipping communicators with new skills.

Re: imagine | Envisioning a sustainable future with the help of the creative industry's expertise.

Re: create | Balancing urgency with hope to empower audiences and inspire action.

Re: sist | Challenging the status quo and advocating for genuine transformation².

Re: start | Learning from other efforts.

Our hope is for A New Era in Climate Communications to not only act as a rallying call for those engaged in the climate story, but to be an invitation to communications professionals and creatives to engage deeply with the issue of climate change and to use their skills to supercharge the solutions.

Download the Whitepaper here